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RhinoCoat GP

General Purpose Work Horse Epoxy


RhinoCoat™ GP (General Purpose) is a bisphenol-A resin reacted with a unique modified multiple ring cycloaliphatic amine adduct activator. The polymer structure is extremely tough with excellent chemical resistance and is reinforced with laminar flake pigments. This exceptionally attractive, ceramic-like, high build, epoxy is designed to provide penetration, wetting, and sealing of substrates and surfaces that will be exposed to severe chemical and physical environments. It is formulated to be extremely adhesive, hard, impact resistant, and abrasion resistant. RhinoCoat™ GP is sanctioned by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a resinous and polymeric coating that may be safely used as a food-contact surface following specific conditions (CFR 175.300)

Key Benefits

  •  Excellent chemical resistance
  • Cures in the presence of moisture and humidity
  • Low viscosity
  • FDA sanctioned (CFR 175.300)
  • Nice gloss appearance
  • Excellent adhesion

Compressive Strength (psi)

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