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RhinoCrete MF

Self-level, smooth, medium duty polyurethane concrete


RhinoCrete RT is a heavy duty, rake and trowel applied, seamless, solid color cementitious-urethane concrete overlay. Typically applied between 1/4″ – 3/8″, this system is designed to thrive where other floors fail. Highly resistant to physical and thermal shock combined with outstanding chemical resistance, this is the floor of choice of the toughest of environments.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to Clean
  • Seamless
  • Extreme bond strenght
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • No top coat required
  • Installs on 5 – 7 day old concrete
  • Meets CFIA, ADA, USDA and OSHA standards
  • Low odor & VOC compliant

Technical Data Sheet – RhinoCrete MF
Standard Specification Guide – RhinoCrete MF

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Application Instructions – RhinoCrete MF

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