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RhinoPatch SL

A Self-Level, Quick Set, Polymer Modified, Cement Based Patching Compound


RhinoPatch SL is a Self Level, just-add-water, polymer modified cement-based compound. It contains ingredients to assure instant strength, sulfate resistance, superior bondability and increased flexural and tensile strengths. It is a nonshrink, non-metallic, freeze-thaw stable, instant strength patching compound that can be used in high wind, cold and wet conditions. In most circumstances, areas can be opened to traffic within one hour of application.

Key Benefits

  • All weather stability
  • Polymer reinforced for greater bond strength
  • Can resurface with polymer concrete within 1 hour
  • Rapid set
  • Quick return to traffic at 70°F (21°C), 1 hr
  • High early strength

Technical Data Sheet – RhinoPatch SL

Application Instructions – RhinoPatch SL

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