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RhinoSpeed AP

An adhesive medium-viscosity methacrylate resin primer for metal and ceramic tile


RhinoSpeed AP (Adhesive Primer)  is a low-viscosity, methacrylate resin for use as an adhesive primer. It is a solvent free, 2-component, 100% reactive resin that is ideal for roller applied primer for coating and decorative flake or quartz flooring systems. RhinoSpeed AP™ is a transparent resin that can be pigmented using powder pigment or universal color packs.

Key Benefits

  • Full cure in less than 1 hr
  • NFS Registered
  • Moisture tolerant / Damp proof
  • Installation Flexibility
  • Can be applied at 24°F (-4°C)
  • Reduced downtime and rapid return to service
  • Elasticized formulation
  • Clear resin allows for large color choice
  • No recoat window
  • Hardwearing

Cure Time (mins)

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