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Aviation Hanger Flooring

Chemical, stain and abrasion resistance combined with UV stability and a choice of gloss levels are all critical components of a polymer flooring system that will match the meticulous attention to detail required by this industry. Rhino Flooring has designed specific solutions that will not only check these boxes but exceed expectations. These seamless, non-porous polymer coatings are aesthetically pleasing with bright, light-reflective colors offering both enhanced visibility and safety. They’re highly moisture-tolerant, U-V stable, durable and long-lasting finishes with various non-skid textures that balance safety concerns with ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Rhino Flooring Provides


PolyUrethane Concrete, Epoxies, Urethanes, MMAs and Membranes

Custom Solutions

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Rhino Floorings naturally tough solutions are backed by industry leading warranties

Recommended Systems

Custom solutions also available

RhinoCoat Hangar

High Performance Epoxy / Polyurethane

RhinoCrete SL

Economical Self Level Polyurethane Concrete

RhinoSpeed Roll

Fast cure, roll down, methyl methacrylate

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