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RhinoSeal PA

Two Component, uv stable, low odor, rapid cure, polyaspartic


RhinoSeal PA is a two-component, rapid curing, environmentally-friendly polyaspartic coating system designed as a decorative yet durable coating for floors and other applications. Formulated with aliphatic chemistry, RhinoSeal PA is color stable allowing it take UV exposure without color shifts seen with other coating systems such as epoxies. RhinoSeal PA is a 1:1 mix ratio system with sufficient pot life to be rolled, brushed, or sprayed with Rhino Linings® application equipment. It has a robust application window with ability to apply at low temperatures and high humidity.

Key Benefits

• Fast cure allowing rapid turnaround time
• Lower odor than most polyaspartics
• Cures at temperatures just above freezing
• Can be applied below -20°F (-28.9°C). Will cure with special handling
• Meets USDA/CFSAN, U.S. Food Code, physical facilities criteria.
• USDA acceptable
• Complies with CFR 21 – CFR 175.300 and 177.1680 regulations for incidental food contact
• Excellent UV resistance, non yellowing and high gloss characteristics
• Excellent color stability
• Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance, resistant to skydrol
• Resistant to hot tire peel
• Excellent coefficient of friction properties
• High build capability in lifts of 10 – 12 mils maximum
• Can be matted with a matting agent
• Bonds to virtually all substrates, including metals, concrete, and fiberglass
• Tolerant to 300ºF (149°C) for random, incidental heat contact

Compressive Strength (psi)

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